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Same Sex Marriage: A Civil Debate

Date and time

February 13, 2006

About this event

Wayne State Assistant Professor of Philosophy, John Corvino, debates Glenn Stanton, senior analyst with Focus on the Family, on the merits of same-sex marriage.


Community Arts Building
Wayne State University
450 Reuther Mall
Detroit, MI 48202


  • John Corvino
  • Glenn Stanton

Presentations and notes


Corvino argued in favor of gay marriage, contending that same-sex marriage promotes happy, stable relationships, which are good not only for the people in them but also for society at large. Stanton argued against same-sex marriage, claiming that it deliberately deprives children of a mother or a father and that the complementarity of male and female is crucial to the nature of marriage. Both speakers emphasized the importance of reasoned, vigorous yet respectful dialogue on this controversial topic.