The Financial Crisis: A Year Later

Corporate Citizenship Symposium

Date and time

October 5, 2009

About this event

Renowned financial experts, Lawrence Ingrassia and Henry “Chip” Dickson discuss the 2008 financial crisis.

Lawrence Ingrassia, business and finance editor of the New York Times, speaks about the policy debate and tension over fixing the financial system to serve the broader economy without stifling innovation.

Henry “Chip” Dickson, managing director of W2 Freedom, examines the same issues with a focus on the origins of the financial crisis. After the presentations, members of the audience will be given the opportunity to ask questions. Linda M. Beale, associate professor of law in the WSU Law School will moderate the discussion.

The center brings together scholars and members of the business and legal communities to address crucial questions related to corporate citizenship—the corporation's responsibilities to government and society, to its “citizen” shareholders, and its worker “citizens.” A transcript of the first symposium, on “Corporate Citizenship and the Law,” was published by the Wayne Law Review. 


Wayne State University Law School
471 W. Palmer
Detroit, MI 48202


  • Lawrence Ingrassia, business and financial editor, New York Times
  • Henry "Chip" Dickson, managing director, W2 Freedom


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