The Center for the Study of Citizenship is the premier global institution dedicated to the interdisciplinary study and promotion of citizenship. We believe that vital communities social, economic and political require informed, active citizens.

1.0 Center for the Study of Citizenship

1.1 There shall be a Center for the Study of Citizenship whose mission will be: to advance the global mission of Wayne State University as an urban research institution serving as a diverse metropolitan population with a responsibility to educate locally, nationally and internationally the citizens of a new, technologically interdependent world; to foster pre-eminent research in the emerging interdisciplinary field of citizenship studies at Wayne State University, nationally, and internationally; to provide a broad intellectual context for the discussion and establishment of public policies related to citizenship in the United States and in the world. In order to fulfill its mission, the center will provide a forum for research and discourse about citizenship; disseminate research in citizenship studies; foster interdisciplinary education in citizenship studies.

2.0 Personnel

2.1 The center shall be managed by a director appointed by the dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and serving at the dean's pleasure. The director shall report to the dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

3.0 Governance

3.1 The primary responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the center shall reside with the center director.

3.2 The director shall draw upon the advice and counsel of an advisory board composed of active, teaching members of the Wayne State University faculty, drawn from representative relevant disciplines. Faculty members shall be appointed by the dean of the College of Liberal Arts in consultation with the center's director. One additional member shall be a doctoral student selected by the center's director in consultation with the dean of the Graduate School. The board shall meet at least four times each academic year. Each board member shall serve a three-year term.

4.0 Operating and financial procedures

4.1 The center shall follow all operating, personnel and financial procedures that apply to academic units in the university.

4.2 In seeking external funding to support research and other activities, the center shall conform to the university's standard grant application procedures and to the university research policies.

4.3 The center shall be governed by standard university budgetary and financial procedures; and it shall annually submit a budget for approval by the president and the Board of Governors in the course of the regular university budget review process.

4.4 The center shall be periodically audited by the Office of Internal Audit. It may also be subject to such additional audits, by the state auditor or others, as are periodically conducted in the university or that may be specially conducted in connection with specific funding sources for the center.

5.0 Review

5.1 The center shall prepare an annual report for the president or his/her designee describing its accomplishments as they relate to its mission.

5.2 Every five years following the adoption of its permanent charter, the center shall undergo a comprehensive review in accordance with the existing statute on centers and institutes approved by the Board of Governors.